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What our clients are saying

"Access Ventures helped me prepare my post-graduate work permit and guided me on my rights and obligations as temporary resident in Canada. I vouched for their professionalism and competence in my immigration concern. Getting in touch with them is never a problem and they always communicate with me in each stage of my application."

-Marilyn Nocos

"My application for a study permit in Canada was prepared in a detailed and organized manner . From pre-arrival to post-departure orientation seminars, Access Ventures made it possible for me to prepare on what to expect as a student in Toronto and made sure that I was able to adjust to this new and exciting chapter of my life."

-Hetty Villanueva

"I highly recommend Access Ventures to anyone who is looking for an immigration professional who can guide them in preparing or submitting any immigration concerns in Canada. They are highly professional and can respond to any questions that I have on my file. They make sure that I understand the process and guide me every step of the way. Thank you for the great work!."

-Den Iquina

"I am excited to pursue a post-graduate certificate in Software and information Systems Testing at Fanshawe College this May 2021. As a Software Engineer, I want to obtain a global perspective in essential testing paradigms & methods associated with IT and Software developement.


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